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  • Natural Wine | Cin Cin Goods | Friday Harbor

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  • About Us | Cin Cin Goods | Friday Harbor

    ABOUT US MORE THAN A SHOP. what is cin cin? "Cin-Cin!" (pronounced chin-chin) is an Italian toast that recalls the sound of glasses clinking when you with your friends and family. ​ We embody the same energy and attitude of bringing people together by creating a relaxed space that helps you find the treats to create your own cin cin memories. WE SELL FUN Kathryn & Roberto met over eleven years ago in New York City while both were working in the fashion industry. After living the big city life in New York & LA, the San Juan Islands drew them in for a slower pace of life. While fashion has kept them busy, food & wine has been their true love and what has created so many special memories and relationships. ​ At Cin Cin Goods, expect the most decadent handcrafted chocolates and confections from the Pacific Northwest, as well as carefully curated natural wines from around the world, refined ports, aperitifs, home accessories, and local San Juan Island products. We aim to offer a place to savor, indulge, and share the things we love the most and to help create an occasion to remember! ​ NATURAL WINE Natural wine at Cin Cin means wine that is farmed organically (biodynamically, using permaculture or the like) and made without adding or removing anything, native yeast, n o additives or processing aids are used, a low intervention fermentation process, with sulphites kept to a minimum. PANTRY From chocolate, to popcorn, to hot sauce, our offerings span the gamete between the sweet, to the savory. We also carry plenty of vegan and gluten free things so all your friends can join in on the fun! HOMEWARE Our shelves are filled with all the things we would want in our own home to help contribute to the good life & a good time.

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